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Federico Bitonte

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I design and implement new, strategic and disruptive services, through conversion of raw breakthrough technologies into easy to use, quick to adopt, reliable products with compelling user experiences.
I have experience working worldwide with multi cultural teams. I speak English and Spanish, and I understand Italian and Portuguese.

Work Experience

  • Product Manager
    Valid, Movistar, Telefónica

    Believe me, I promise I will add a description of my experience as Product Manager, as soon as I have some spare time.

  • Business Developer
    Clarín Global, QliQ, NBS

    Really, I will... also for my Business Developer experience.

  • Strategy Consultant
    Lasa, NBS, 7mil300 among others

    The lack of description is kind of strategy because you need to call me if you want to know further :)

  • You can check out some of my personal work developing IoT hardware and firmware at Coiaca.
  • I also design 3D things. You can see some on Cults.
  • From time to time I get to write and some of my works are published and available on Amazon.

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If you want to talk

+34 683 267 655 (mobile)

About Me

I love to work, so don't be shy, I am just an email away.